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Behind the Music

Behind the Music: Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5

Concert Highlights

“Symphonic Chocolates” by Maxime Goulet
“Danse Sacree et Profane II – Modere” by Debussy, featuring harpist Amy Ley

“Double Violin Concerto – II Largo” by J.S. Bach
“Serenade for Strings II” by Elgar
Tis a Gift to be Simple – Appalachian Spring – Copland
“Symphony No. 8 in F Major – I Allegro vivace” by Beethoven

“Symphony No. 8 in F Major – I Allegro vivace con brio” by Beethoven

Ask the Maestro

What influenced Beethoven’s Symphony No. 8?

How does a Concertmaster play a Bach concerto?

About Bach with Concertmaster Lillian Scheirich (Windsor Symphony Orchestra)
About Bach with Concertmaster Bénédicte Lauzière (Kitchen-Waterloo Symphony)