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Digital Education Series

Welcome to the WSO’s Digital Education Concert Series, Re-Imagined for 2021! As an organization who is dedicated to connecting people through music, we are ecstatic to bring the thrill of classical music to students whether they be in their classroom or at home. While there is no substitute for experiencing an orchestral concert in person, the recent shift towards digital learning has provided a unique opportunity to increase the depth and potency of the WSO’s educational programming.

WSO’s Program Model

The WSO’s Digital Education Concert Series includes two programs; one for grades K-3 and the other for grades 4-6. Each program contains five modules designed to be delivered as weekly episodes in a series. Students will be guided through a pre-concert exploration of sounds and concepts encountered throughout the module. These concepts are then developed through a digital concert featuring orchestral music played by the WSO. Each module has a single piece of music threaded through it, called the “focus piece”. While both programs contain a wide variety of music, the focus piece returns at end of each module as a summative experience. This format allows students to listen and engage with the same piece of music multiple times from multiple perspectives. Each digital concert is followed by a post-concert activity, that can be completed within a 50-minute instructional period or spread out over a week. The post-concert activity allows students to step away from the technology and apply what they learned through a creative activity. Each module has been carefully scaffolded to maximize student engagement and understanding.

Affordable and Accessible

One of our top priorities as an organization is to make engaging high-quality classical music, as accessible as possible. Our education package includes both programs, (K-3 and 4-6) and is available for as low as $100 CAD (approx. $70 USD) per school. This includes unlimited access to our digital content, a professional development session for teachers, and a live Q&A for students.

Cross Curricular Success

Music has the unique ability to bridge concepts from a variety of other core subject areas. As such, these programs reinforce concepts found in math, science, history, and literature while also providing a unique aesthetic experience. The K-3 program focuses on connecting math and orchestral music with an emphasis on numeracy, ordering, and patterning. The gr. 4-6 program focuses on connecting literacy and orchestral music with an emphasis on creative writing and the art of storytelling. Both programs use orchestral music and active listening as a conduit to help students engage, interact, and create within other disciplines.

Webinar Based Professional Development

Included with the Digital Education Concert Series package is a professional development session for teachers led by Maestro Wiley. The purpose of this professional development is to help create a sense of comfort and familiarity with concepts covered in each program.

Meet Your Conductor

Daniel Wiley is the Associate Conductor of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra. Daniel recently won the second prize at the Los Angeles Conducting Competition and the Smoky Mountain Conducting Competition (2019). His career as a conductor has taken across the United States, Canada, and Europe including engagements with the Abilene Philharmonic, Boise Philharmonic, Equilibrium Ensemble, and Windsor Abridged Opera. Prior to his career as a conductor, Daniel was a music educator, teaching general music, junior high school choir, and high school band. He has also been a guest clinician for countless bands, orchestras, choirs, and general music classrooms of all grades in California, Idaho, Texas, and Ontario. The unique confluence of Daniel’s career as a conductor and experience as a public-school music teacher, allows for the creation and delivery of thoughtful and holistic orchestral education programs.

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To purchase the Digital Education Series please contact:

Rebecca Ng, Education & Community Outreach Manager