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The WSO is generously supported by

Thank you to our Series Sponsors

Bill and Rochelle Tepperman

The Morris and Beverly
Baker Foundation

And special thanks to the WSO’s patrons, subscribers, sponsors, donors, and volunteers.

Your support is instrumental!

Gifts in support of the 2021-2022 Season
Given between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022

If any information in this listing is incorrect, please contact Jeremy Klaver, Development Manager, at jklaver@windsorsymphony.com or call (519) 973-1238 ext. 28.

Platinum Baton $25,000+
The Grain of Sand Foundation
The Brian and Lisa Schwab Foundation
Solcz Family Foundation
Bill and Rochelle Tepperman
The Toldo Foundation

Podium Spotlight $20,000 – $24,999
The WSO Guild
The Morris & Beverly Baker Foundation
The Chandisherry Foundation
Anne M. Winterbottom

Maestro’s Circle $15,000 – $19,999
Bill and Lynn Baker

Concertmaster’s Circle $10,000 – $14,999
The Eizenga Kootstra Kleer Wealth Management Group – BMO Nesbitt Burns
The Charles and Ethel Cohen Family Foundation
Dan Gemus and Family
Joan Mackay
The Glen and Carmel Mitchell Foundation
William Van Wyck

Virtuoso’s Circle $5,000 – $9,999

Port Windsor
Windsor Essex Community Foundation
Dr. Don and Nancy Allen
Dr. and Mrs. Maresq and Eryl Child
Barb and Peter Kuker
Barbara O’Neill and Robert Wigle
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Paterson
Richard and Colleen Peddie
Robert and Mary Weingarden

Composer’s Circle $2,500 – $4,999

Cardinal Place
ChamPayne Family Foundation
Hogarth Hermiston Severs LLP
Sharon Cassey
Nancy Flickinger
Brian and Susan Scholfield

Principal Players $1,500 – $2,499

uWindsor Faculty of Education
Dan Bezaire
May It Please Rosie
Peter Burrell
Barb and Cody Cooper
Bianca De Luca
Douglas and Randi Fox
Dr. Kathleen McCrone
Jana McQuarrie
Robert and Mary Jeanne Peters
Francine Sala
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph and Nancy Stasko

Benefactors $750 – $1,499

MC Business Solutions
Shirley Antaya
Dani Bobb
William Bryant
Ana Maria Caruso
M. Davidson
David Dendooven
Robert Franz
Beth French
Glenna Hemphill
Lorie and Peter Hoehne
John and Judy Hrycak
James S. Kurak
Joan and Terry McSweeney
Sheila Mosley
The Estate of Jon Richie
MC Business Solutions
Terry and Jeani Tingle
Dr. Gene and Marg Varga
Audrey Wirch
Sheila and Jerry Wisdom
Bill and Jean Wright

Major Patrons $500 – $749

Dr. Philip and Mrs. Anne Adamson
Steve Baker and Lydia Mykitczyn-Baker
Bill and Bobbye Baylis
Robin B. and David Boyer
Drs. Kai Hildebrandt and Susan Wendt-Hildebrandt
Thomas MacKay
Dr. Michael H. and Mrs. Sandra Malowitz
Kevin B. Masterson
Bert and Joy Mayerhofer
The McAllister Family
Pat and Tom McMahon
Mary and Paul Meanwell
Ian Murphy
Rachelle Petrusenko
Barb Marie Proctor
Jackie and Phillip Rice
Margaret and Richard Rivard
Mike Rogers
Sidney and Glenn Sellick
Frank and Irene Stratil
Cynthia Swift
Dana Tunks
1 Anonymous Donor

Patrons $250 – $499

Peter J. Antaya
Mark and Lisa Beaulieu
Anita M. Berecz
Martha Brazeau
John R. Calhoun
Eddi and Eveline Chittaro
Margaret Dama
Marion Gellner
Mark Haslett and Jane Houlding
Elizabeth and Terry Henry
Joanne and Kelly Hoppe
Richard and Sheilagh Householder
Drs. Bruce Kotowich and Jennifer Swanson
Dorothy Lake
Katarina Ljulj
Dorothy and Greg Mahoney
Joyce and Frederick Mason
Susan McKee
Sam and Pauline Naccarato
Pauline and Gordon Olafson
Drs. Katherine and Joseph Quinsey
Michael Ricketts
Wanda Rosicki
Crys Stammler
Adrian and Monica Vandenhoven
Noreen and Bob Weir
Ron and Lynne Wingelaar
Heidi Zimmer
2 Anonymous Donors

Associates $150 – $249

Lydia Balciar
Larry and Cecilia Bannon
P. Berthiaume
Sally Blyth
Jane Buttery
Dr. Michael Dufresne
Carol Fathers
James and Christine Fullerton
Dr. Paul and Dina Gignac
Patricia Harnadek
Michael and Judith Harris
Lilia and Richard Hawrish
John and Connie Huschilt
June James
Janice Johnston
Graham Keogh
James Laird
John Laycock
Enes Marcuzzi

Susan and Drew Maxwell
Ronald Riberdy
Stuart Selby
Eleanor Snelgrove
Adele and Michael Stebila
Marilyn Stecher
Peter Stewart
Dr. Jeremy and Chris Worth
2 Anonymous Donors

Friends $50 – $149

Brigitte and Salvatore Ala
Eugene Baggio
Andrew and Caroline Bothamley
Klaus Brixa
Helen and Edgar Brown
Louise Bryon
M. Casasola
Dan and Cathy Ceccacci
J. Cedar
Frank and Fran Chalmers
Sharon Cornett
Lynne and John Crozier
Diedrich and Patricia Damm
Madelyn Della Valle
Tom Desjarlais
Donald and Kathryn Diubaldo
Robert Donaldson
Mary Jo Dowie
Marc Dubois
Margaret Ehrentraut
George and Nancy England
Evelyn Fantin
Robert and Marlene Fields
Jeanne and Alastair Fleming
Jim and Sallie Ford
Bettie and Gerry Fraser
Richard and Liz Gates
The Gibson Family:
Marg, Jenna, Jim, and Missy
Jo-Anne Gignac
Janet Gillis
Helene Gordon
Heather Gough
Shirley Grondin
Marilyn and Omer Hageniers
Drs. Thomas and Elizabeth Hangartner
John and Anna Herhalt
Ruth Hicks
Sharon Horlick
Michelle Janisse
Sharon Jones
William Kendrick
Stephanie Knight
Susie Knight
Mary Clare Koopman
Dr. Jerome Kopstein
Jan Krizan
Susan Kupeyan
Ahmet and Sophia Kusderci

Susan Landine
Lenore Langs
David Langstone and Shari Cunningham
Valerie Lefebvre
Micheline and James Li Wan Po
Marilyn Mackay
Carol Malewicz
Don Manzerolle
Sandra Manzig
Amy Marion
Helen Martin
Mary Lou Matheson
Peter and Margaret McBean
Liz and John McDonald
Lynn and Ray McLelland
Victoria Michie-Mistruzzi
June Miller
David Munro
Craig Nash
Barbara Newton
Colleen Norquay and Family:
Douglas and Susan
Tom and Dora Overton
Elizabeth and Reg Pell
Jean and Victor Penner
Ron Pfaff
Michael and Karen Plunkett
Mariette Preyde
Marg Quick
Helen Rattray
Cheryl Reynolds
Thelma Rimes and Denis Ferkany
Abigail Roberts
Jim and Beatrice Ross
Susan and Paul Rousseau
Robert Sandre
The Scoboria-Chan Family
Philip Seguin
Suzanne Semenick
Julie Shier
Gayle and Robert Siddall
Greer and Mike Stasko
Stephanie Stone
Noah and Julie Tepperman
William Thompson
Margaret and Robert Truscott
Chantal Vallee
Drs. Christine Vanderkooy and
Ken Montgomery
Jim and Pat Vickers
Ruth and David Waltman
Lynne Watts
Judy Wellwood-Robson
Barbara White
Kelli Jo and Randy Whittaker
June Williamson
Lee Ann Wiseman and Grant Black
Marg and Kelly Woltz
Ellie and Larry Zilli
31 Anonymous Donors

Supporters $0 – $49

Norma Bacarro
Stan Bergeron
Zeraida Caliboso
Alde Calongcagong
Bernard Cameron
Susan Carey
Marilyn Catania
Vivian Cattaneo
Mary Charbonneau
Lydia Consunji
Shelley Dancel
Norman and Moira Diffey
Charlene Dinham
Arnold and Linda Eagle
Mike Foster
Evelyn Hughes
Gertrude Kerr
Kyle and Kara Kootstra
Ingrid and Larry Larking
Carol Malcolm
Jill Nicholson
Johanna Papador
Joe Pekar
Jack Posdevin
Ruth N. Sotto
Dioscora Tay
Frank Vossen
Lee Watson
Sara Wharton
Wayne and Shirley Whitfield
Alice Wynnyk
36 Anonymous Donors

Gifts in Tribute 2021-2022

Gifts in memory of a loved one, or in honour of a special occasion or special person, are always welcome. It is our privilege to pay tribute to the people you love. Thank you for your gift honouring them.

In Honour of Gayle Allen, Front of House Manager
Sharon Cassey

In Honour of Sheila Wisdom,
Executive Director
Sharon Cassey

In Honour of their 25th Wedding Anniversary
Steve Baker and
Lydia Mykitczyn-Baker

Celebrating 42 years with the Windsor Board of Education and the Greater Essex County District School Board
Steve Baker and Lydia Mykitczyn-Baker

In Honour of Peter and Barbara Kuker’s Wedding Anniversary
Ruth and David Waltman
In Honour of Karen McClellan and
Greg Sheldon
Audrey McClellan

In Honour of Susan and Jim McCoy
Beth French

In Honour of Dr. Joe Stasko’s Retirement
Marilyn Stecher

In Memory of Peter Antaya
Sean Antaya
Shirley Antaya
Peter J. Antaya
Lydia Balciar
Anita Berecz
M. Casasola
Tom Desjarlais
Norman and Moira Diffey
Donald and Kathryn Diubaldo
Jo-Anne Gignac
Michael and Judith Harris
Mary Lou Matheson
Susan and Drew Maxwell
Victoria Michie-Mistruzzi
Colleen Norquay and Family
Helen Rattray

In Memory of Alan Bull
Barbara O’Neill and Robert Wigle

In Memory of Betty Burrell
Peter Burrell

In Memory of Paul Dillon
Barb and Peter Kuker
Sandra Manzig

In Memory of Louise Fry
Micheline and James Li Wan Po

In Memory of Marguerite Fisher
Craig Nash

In Memory of Mina Grossman-Ianni
Susan McKee

In Memory of Shirley Jeun
Jane Buttery

In Memory of Anne and Stan Kovacheff
Rachelle Petrusenko

In Memory of Brad Liptrot
Wanda Rosicki

In Memory of Jim McAllister
Claire, Brian, Sarah, and David

In Memory of Barbara Nickleson
The Gibson Kids:
Marg, Jenna, Jim, and Missy
Micheline and James Li Wan Po

In Memory of Esther Polsky
Judy Wellwood-Robson

In Memory of Helen (Jon) Richie
Patricia Harnadek

In Memory of Suzanne Selby,
who loved the WSO
Stuart Selby

In Memory of Jim Spinks
Joan and Terry McSweeney

In Memory of Herb Stammler
Dorothy Lake
Crys Stammler

In Memory of Peter Wilkinson
Dr. Kathleen McCrone
Joe Pekar

In Memory of Elsie and Ben Wirch
Audrey Wirch