September 19, 2021


Happy Friday!  I hope you’re having a good week!  Below you will find an update with everything you will need to know for our rehearsal on September 19.  At the top of this email, you will always find the location of our rehearsal for the upcoming Sunday.  On occasion, the Windsor Symphony Orchestra will be performing at the Capitol on Sunday afternoons, so we have booked an alternate location for our rehearsal when that occurs.  The alternate location will be Mackenzie Hall Cultural Centre.  We have a google calendar with all the rehearsal information in it, including rehearsal locations.  You can find the calendar here.

I have also included a pdf with rehearsal dates and locations with this email.

1.     Rehearsal Location

WSJYO and WSYO rehearsal for September 19, 2021 is at The Capitol Theatre.

2.     Rehearsal Times

WSJYO will meet from 1pm-2:15pm

WSYO will meet from 2:30pm-4:15pm

3.     What to bring to rehearsal:

·      Your instrument.  Please do your best to tune your instrument before rehearsals.

·      Music Stand

·      Pencil

·      Mask

·      For Wind Players only:  Your instrument cover (if you have questions about this, please email me at

4.     For Parents

The Health and Safety of all our children is our primary concern, and we are working hard to avoid any unnecessary congestion when our students arrive at rehearsal.  We would be grateful if you could drop your child off at the stage door, and if you’re going to wait in the Capitol lobby, please enter the building through the front doors on University.  If we only have students coming in the stage door, we will significantly reduce any crowding backstage, which is good for everyone.  We will have staff backstage who will be ready to greet your child and help them find their seat onstage if needed.  

For returning students, you will remember that this is the same process as last year (just enter through the Stage door rather than the Joy )

If you have any questions about this, please let me know!  My email is

5.     Music

Copies of our fall repertoire were handed out last week, but if you need a replacement copy, you can always find your music on our website student portal here.  The portal password is WSYOrocks!  Just select your ensemble and instrument/ part and all your music will pop up in a google drive.  You can select the piece you need and print it from there!

You can also find the latest copy of our weekly newsletter in the portal as well 

6.     Health and Safety

WSJYO and WSYO members who are older than 12yrs but have NOT been vaccinated will be required to take an antigen test weekly before rehearsal.  Antigen tests will be provided to you free of charge.  Please arrive 30 minutes before rehearsal for your test.

WSJYO and WSYO members who presented their vaccine receipt last week do not need to bring the receipt to rehearsal again.  It is recorded for the year.

Parents, you are welcome to wait in the lobby of the Capitol while your child is in rehearsal, but please remember that our health and safety policy is for everyone in the building.  Please be prepared to show your vaccine receipt (once) or take a covid test (weekly).  Details are below in our Health and Safety section. 

7.     Invoices/ Fees

Invoices will be sent via email and can be paid securely online at your convenience.  Due to the unpredictable nature of a pandemic, we will be invoicing in thirds again this year.  So, one third of your yearly total will be billed in September, January, and March.  If you prefer to pay the entire year at once, just let me know and I’ll be happy to accommodate.

Fees for 2021-2022 Season are:

WSYO: $340 + HST = $384.20 

WSJYO: $190 + HST = $214.70 

Two children in WSYO: $510 total (half price for second child) + HST = $576.30 Two children in WSJYO: $285 (half price for second child) + HST = $322.05 

One Child in each ensemble: $435 total (half price for the WSJYO child) + HST = $491.55 

8.     Health and Safety Details/Review

Covid Vaccine Information

The WSO and the Capitol Theatre will be operating with the following procedures:

·       WSJYO and WSYO members who are 12 years and older, and are fully vaccinated (2 doses + 14 days), will be asked to show your vaccine receipt on or before your first rehearsal.  We will not be keeping a copy of your vaccine receipt, we will only note in our records that we have seen it and confirmed 2 doses + 14 days.  You will only have to provide this information once for the 2021-2022 season.  

·       WSJYO and WSYO members who are 12 years and older, and are not fully vaccinated, or do not wish to show their vaccine receipt, will be required to come to each rehearsal 30 minutes before we begin to take a covid antigen test.  The test will be provided to you free of charge, it is not invasive, and results are ready in 15 minutes.  If the test is negative, you can proceed to rehearsal, and if the test is positive, you will not be able to attend. 

·       WSJYO and WSYO members who are younger than 12 years will NOT be required to take the covid antigen test.   


Parents are always welcome to wait in the lobby at the Capitol, but the same guidelines and procedures will apply:  we will review your vaccine receipt once for the year, or you will be provided with an antigen test to take on site before each rehearsal.  

This will only be the case for parents who are in the building for longer than 15 minutes.  If you are only coming in briefly to ask a question or pick up your child, these procedures will not apply.

Masks will be mandatory for everyone, at all times while in the building.  Wind and Brass players may remove their mask once seated to play.  Wind and Brass instrument “masks”/covers are mandatory.  

If you have questions or concerns about these procedures, please ask.  Your safety in the building is our primary concern and I am always happy to hear from you.  I can be reached by email at, and if you prefer a phone call, just ask and I will call you. 

9.     Enter/Exit Process

·       When you arrive for rehearsal, students should please enter the theatre through the STAGE DOOR on Pelissier.  It looks like this:

·       Rehearsals will take place on the Pentastar Stage, and when rehearsal is finished, you will exit through the front doors of the building onto University Ave.  The front doors look like this:

Parents can enter and exit through the front doors.

This process will help ensure proper distancing as one group leaves and another arrives, and will help the student’s arrivals and exits feel calm, without the need to rush.