Dec 12, 2021

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Good morning!

This will be the last weekly newsletter of 2021, and it’s a good one!  

We are all SO PROUD of the beautiful concert you performed last weekend! You all played so well, and you looked very professional.  

The WSJYO/ WSYO Concert Recording is here!

Your concert recording is now available for you to watch on Vimeo!  Enjoy it, and feel free to share the link with your friends and family, you can copy and paste the picture, it’s linked.

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New Music!

Dr. B has selected pieces for WSJYO and WSYO for next term, which begins JAN 

9, 2022.  Most are on the website already, though I will be adding a few more soon (I’ll send a quick email when everything is loaded).  You can begin working on these pieces anytime, and I will have paper copies to hand out to you at our first rehearsal.

You can find all your music on our WSYO Portal here.  The password is WSYOrocks!

Thank You

I would like to first thank all of you!  Our WSJYO and WSYO members are the best of the best!  Thank you for a wonderful concert.  You brought so much joy to so many people!

Thank you to Dr. B!  Dr. B, you are inspiring, talented, always well prepared, incredibly knowledgeable, and of course, stunning to look at! (All WSJYO and WSYO members know just what I mean!).

Thank you to our WSYO parents.  None of this would happen without you.  Thank you for your dedication, getting the kids to rehearsals on time, and in the right location!  Thank you for your understanding as we have traversed the past few months.

Thank you to the teachers who help our WSJYO and WSYO members to play these pieces the very best they can.  Thank you for watching the concert, and for all your positive feedback and support.  We appreciate you!

Thank you to the professional and community players who helped fill out our sound at the concert.  Faith Scholfield, Corey Fitzpatrick, Karen McClellan, Matt Lepain, Sondra Chaif, Sheena Nykolaiszyn, Tamara Bashura, and Lee Watson.  Thank you for your beautiful playing, your expertise and support!

Our WSO Staff

There are lots of people who help to put on a concert.  I thought it would be nice for you to know a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes.  I will tell you about them by saying thank you to them!

Maestro Robert Franz, Music Director, WSO

Maestro Franz attended a rehearsal a few weeks ago and he spent a lot longer than we asked him to, he was having so much fun!  Maestro Franz is incredibly supportive of the WSYO, both in rehearsals and behind the scenes.  He has also warmly welcomed us to watch the WSO rehearsals, and loves answering your questions on his break.  

He watched your concert on Sunday, and here is what he said:  “As I sat in my living room watching this fall’s concert, I spent most of my time grinning from ear to ear.  I am so proud of all of the dedication, hard work and talent of our young musicians.  Seeing the concert reminded me that the future is bright for the arts in Windsor/Essex.”

Sheila Wisdom, Executive Director, WSO

Sheila is always so happy and proud to hear about what’s happening in the WSYO.  She never misses a concert, and she loves to hear about your progress week to week.  She was in the audience for both concerts on Sunday, and here is her message to you:

“Congratulations to all of you!  Great concerts don’t just happen.  They are the result of hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm.  Well done everyone!”

Faith Scholfield, WSO Director of Operations.  

Faith manages the day to day operations of the WSO.  She is incredibly supportive of the WSYO and loves to hear you play!  Faith is always ready to support the WSYO in any way she can.  She plays the Oboe in the WSO, and was so pleased to play with you at your concert!

When I asked her what she thought about your concert, Faith said:  “It was fantastic getting to hear how much your playing had grown since September. Thank you for inviting me to join you at Sunday’s concert – it was fun performing with all of you. Bravo tutti!” 

Morgan McBride, WSYO Coordinator

You all know Morgan!  She is at every rehearsal, helps everyone find their seats, and get tuned and ready to play.  She sets up the room with me, and she was the one who put your names on your stand so you could easily find your seat at the concert!  Morgan loved playing with the WSJYO, and hearing the WSYO!  She was with you every step of the way, and her message to you is: “Everyone worked very hard and pulled off an amazing concert! Happy Holidays!”

Ellie Hastings, Graphic Design and Patron Services Manager

Ellie creates all of our graphics and posters, and builds our events on the computer so that people can buy tickets.  She helped organize our seating for the concerts so that everyone was safely distanced, and made sure that everyone who wanted a ticket, had one.  Ellie always does an incredible job, and she is very fond of the WSYO!  She wants you to know: “The WSYO put on an awesome concert and the audience was very impressed! They are a great group who are kind, enthusiastic, and professional. It is wonderful to work with them.” 

Matt Lepain, WSO Assistant Librarian

Matt is the WSO assistant librarian, and a trumpet player.  He was so helpful during the concert, even fixing a shoulder rest that broke at the last minute!  Thank you Matt!  He also played his trumpet with you at the last rehearsal, and the concert.  Matt says: “I would just like to say it was an absolute pleasure to play alongside so many young talented musicians 😊”

Monica Bunde, WSO Marketing Manager

Monica is new to the WSO, and she really loves to hear you play!  She was very impressed at your concert, and she told me: “They were really great, very professional and graceful. It was a pleasure watching; to see so much talent at that very young age!”

I would also like to thank Tom Rosser Davies, who set up all our cameras and ran the livestream.  He also recorded the concert and set it up on Vimeo so you can all see it!  

Zac Dunn set up all the sound equipment and made sure all the beautiful music you made was properly captured through the microphones.

Thank you to both Tom and Zac.  I know they really enjoyed the concert, and were impressed with the quality of your sound!

WSYO, as you can see, you have made quite an impression on the WSO staff!  Thank you for all your hard work, practice time, and joyful playing this fall.  

We love to hear you play!

I hope you have a restful, happy holiday break, and we’re already excited to see you back at rehearsal in the new year.