Word is Spreading About WSO Education Programs

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Word is Spreading About WSO Education Programs

Word is spreading about WSO Education Programs

Windsor, Ontario – March 29th, 2021

On Monday, March 29th, 2021, Percy Hatfield, MPP, Windsor-Tecumseh, spoke in the Provincial Legislature about the WSO’s education programs.  Hear what he had to say:

“While other symphonies had to lay off their musicians and close their doors during COVID, Windsor seized an opportunity to introduce young people to the magical sounds of a symphony orchestra. The WSO’s Associate Conductor, Daniel Wiley developed an education program.
Ten digital education programs were developed for grades K to six – and another 12 hours of content were created for the senior grades from 7 to 12. These concerts all followed established board curriculum.  Nearly 70,000 students were educated and entertained, from Windsor to Rainy River and Peterborough. Across 10 school boards and 150 schools, students who otherwise may never have seen an orchestra had the opportunity to engage with classical music in a meaningful way. 
COVID placed many restrictions on all of us but the Windsor Symphony found a way to enrich the lives of these students and indeed their teachers with this innovative presentation. I say well done – Bravo! – and many thanks from all of us here in Ontario’s provincial parliament”

Video of Hatfield’s statement in the Ontario legislature
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Eddy Evans, NDP