Mission Statement


The Mission of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra is connecting people of Windsor and Essex County through the power and passion of music. 




Vision Statement


Through exceptional performance and education, we are an indispensable cultural asset within the Windsor-Essex community.




Values & Value Statements


Artistic Excellence
We will deliver with passion outstanding performances for all audiences. We are committed to continually working toward the achievement of the highest levels of musicianship.  


Building Community
We recognize the role music plays in building and feeding the soul of the community. We will seek out opportunities to build relationships that will strengthen that soul and ensure a legacy for our organization.  


Professional Conduct    
We conduct ourselves with the highest integrity. We are accountable and responsive to our donors, audiences, funders, musicians, staff, and volunteers.  


Forward Thinking
We will be open to fresh ideas, forward-thinking, and smart risk-taking that will enhance the social and music experience for our audiences.  


Mutual Learning 
We value opportunities to share in learning with each other and all our audiences. We value our role in enhancing knowledge and musicianship of youth in our community.