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7-12 Program

The Music. The Story. The Food.

Immerse yourself in a musical adventure linking the music, the story, and the food. Along with experiencing great music performed by the WSO, discover the story on the composers who wrote the music, and the trials and triumphs that influenced them. Find out about the foods popular in different places and earlier times.

In this digital series of 7 concerts, Maestro Robert Franz, WSO Music Director, sets the stage with the stories about the composers and the times in which they lived. Dr. Rob Nelson, historian (University of Windsor) and cook spotlights the food connected with the music; from feta tart to Manchego cheese and seafood stew to chicken and dumplings. Find out why we use tomato sauce on pizza and where true hot chocolate comes from!

Skills Focus


Module #1: It’s Greek to Me!
Music of Gluck and Boismortier

Music inspired by Greek mythology: the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice and the love story of Daphnis and Chloe. Discover the orphic rituals and the foods associated with them; dive into the early days of veganism. Featuring Lillian Scheirich, violin; Émilie Paré, violin; Andrew McIntosh, cello.

Module # 3: The Birth of Comic Opera: Music of Pergolesi

A musical time-travel to 18th century Naples, the birthplace of comic opera. Pergolesi’s La Serva Padrona set down the footprint for all comic operas that followed. Enjoy a glimpse into 18th century pizza; and find out where tomato sauce comes from. Featuring Chelsea Van Pelt, soprano; Gene Wu, baritone; Erin Armstrong, director.

Module #5: Composers of Colour:
Florence Price & Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

Romantic works by two Black composers, including Florence Price – a North American composer who broke through race and gender barriers of the orchestral world. Foods with roots in Sierra Leone illustrate how food transcends borders and crosses oceans. Discover how traditional African food was brought to North America and what it looks like today.

Module #7: Vienna’s Café Culture:
Mozart & Bach(s)

Experience the music and the magic of Viennese culture. Featuring the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, his son, Johann Christian Bach, and Johann Christian’s pupil, Mozart. Discover the champions of pastry during the 18th century and find out which culture is still the greatest of all time for tortes, strudels, cookies and sweet breads. Featuring Christine Vanderkooy, piano.

Module #2: Telemann’s Tale
of Don Quixote

Music inspired by Cervantes’ tale of Don Quixote and his chivalrous pursuits. Discover the early beginnings of tapas and enjoy the same Manchego cheese, almonds and Spanish wine that were popular with Sancho Panza. Unearth the story of a friendship between two great composers, Telemann and Zelenka.

Module #4: Let Them Eat Cake!
Sounds of Paris & Prague

Swashbuckling composer, Joseph Bologne – music teacher to Marie Antoinette – wowed 18th century Paris! Bologne’s work is combined with two popular duets from late operas by Mozart. Pair this program with Marie Antoinette’s favourite drink, hot chocolate; a beverage enjoyed only by the rich at that time.

Module #6: Ode to New Brunswick

An evocative salute to the four seasons in eastern Canada by Christine Donkin shares the program with music of George Walker, Gioachino Rossini, and Franz Danzi. Paired with Chicken Fricot, a popular rustic meal that makes for a great leftover! Featuring Teajai Travis, spoken word artist.

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