Tickets are now available for the Dec. 3 WSYO Fall concert. Go to windsorsymphony.com and click on Performances. Getting tickets online is better as it will relieve congestion on the day. $12 for adults; $6 for students.


WSYO - see you Tuesday night (Capitol) and Thursday night (Walkerville).


WSJYO - the Sunday Nov. 19 rehearsal is starting at 6:30 (arrive 6:15). It ends at 8:15. Also, stay tuned for a possible added rehearsal Friday Nov. 24 evening. 


WSYO (and WSJYO) - as we are planning the Tri-national orquesta event March 10-11, at which the WSYO will play, we are looking at assisting. Parents of WSYO (and WSJYO welcome too): are you willing to host a pair of Mexican musicians in your home for 4 nights during that weekend? It looks like Thursday night to Monday morning. WSYO, please email Mr. Wiebe with a yes, no or maybe.


Please come prepared - pencil, music stand, instrument and accessories, and come having practiced your parts!








WSYO and WSJYO - Database update - please take time to answer the email about database.. If you don't have that email, please send the following info to Mr. Wiebe: Name, address, landline phone, cell phones (optional), date of birth, school, private teacher, other instruments played if applicable, father's name, mother's name.

























WSYO Clarinets - Part assignment:
Radetzky March - Edward, Henning and Mateo on 1st
Haydn - Edward on 1st throughout. Movements 1+2 -Henning and Mateo on 1st; Movements 3+4 - Henderson and Yujin on 1st
Schubert - Henderson, Edward and Mateo on 1st

Barycentre - Henderson on 1st.
Defend us in Battle - Henderson on 2nd.
The Lookback - Yujin and Henderson on 1st, Edward and Henning on 2nd. 
Magic Army Overture - Edward and Henning on solo/marching part, Then Yujin on 1st, Henderson on 2nd. 
Rhythmicization - Henderson on 2nd.

WSYO flutes - Part assignment for Magic Army Overture - Doris and Anumita on solo/marching part, Prasanna on 1st,
Catherine and Jessica on 2nd. 

WSYO percussion - Part assignment

Barycentre - Joshua timp, Andrew bongos, Julian other (vibr., trgl., wb, brake drum)
Defend us in Battle - Joshua timp/crotales, Andrew perc. 1 (gl., chimes, trgl.) Julian perc. 2 (gl., cym, sd, bd)
The Lookback - Joshua timp, Andrew perc. 1 (sd, xyl.), Julian perc. 2 (sc, vibr.)
Magic Army Overture - Joshua timp, Andrew sd, Julian trgl.
Rhythmicization - Joshua perc. 1 (timp/ cym, Andrew perc. 2 (sd, trgl, bd, cym), Julian perc. 3(chimes, vibr., gl., trgl., xyl.)