Daniel Wiley, Conductor

Jeans 'n Classics

Concert Sponsor: Windsor Mold Group

Concert Sponsor: St. Clair Alumni Association 



The WSO has just been notified that the rights to perform the music of Prince at the WSO Rocks concert on February 22, 2019 have been withheld. The reasons are related to legal issues arising as a result of Prince’s untimely death and the absence of a will to direct actions for his estate. It is our understanding that no one will be able to perform Prince’s work until these legal issues are resolved.
Music is subject to copyright and licencing and the approvals for licences to perform the music of Prince, which had been granted in the past, are now caught up in with the estate settlement. Jeans ‘n Classics, WSO’s long time music partner for the annual Rock concerts, has received advice from its legal counsel to remove the music of Prince from the program line up.
Bowie’s iconic music remains on the program. In place of Prince, Jeans ‘n Classics has put together an amazing line up, including the music of Luther Vandross, Pharrell Williams, and Michael Jackson. 
We believe the concert will still be a standout and we look forward to seeing you on February 22nd. However, if you choose so, you can obtain a refund by contacting the WSO Box Office. 
Concert goers looking for more information or tickets can call the Box Office or visit the WSO website.
Box Office: 519-973-1238 ext. 2