Kindergarten to Grade 3: In School Concerts 2018-2019


The sounds around us have inspired composers for generations. With WSO’s “SOUNDSCAPES”, your Kindergarten to Grade 3 students will think about the sounds around them and hear how they are expressed through orchestral music. From hills to valleys and rivers to mountaintops, let the WSO nurture your students’ love of the natural world. Even the sounds of the urban landscape find their place with the 19-piece ECO ensemble as we visit your school for an intimate and joyful musical experience that helps develop active listening skills. Each school visit can accommodate two separate concerts, allowing your primary students to have a small-group experience with the orchestra.


Each school must provide 19 armless, straight-backed chairs (such as folding chairs). This keeps our cost to schools as low as possible!  The WSO will bring music stands.  A WSO representative will arrive on-site 1.5 hours before your concert start time to set up the space.


Start times are flexible, though we cannot begin before 9:30am.  Both concerts must be completed within two hours and a break of 20 minutes minimum must be scheduled between the two concerts.  (For example: Concert 1 - 9:30am-10:15am; Break - 10:15am-10:45am; Concert 2 - 10:45am-11:30am)


The cost per school is $650 including HST.  We are happy to work with you to find a price that works with your budget!




January-30-20 1:00PM

February-19-20 9:30AM

February-19-20 1:00PM

February-20-20 9:30AM

February-20-20 1:00PM

February-25-20 9:30AM

February-25-20 1:00PM

February-26-20 9:30AM

February-26-20 1:00PM

February-27-20 9:30AM

February-27-20 1:00PM

February-28-20 9:30AM


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Teachers will receive a complimentary Teacher Resource Pack to help their students prepare for their WSO experience.