S1E5: Marjan Mozetich is acclaimed as one of Canada's most broadcast classical composers. WSO Music Director Robert Franz explores the universal language of music with Mozetich’s Fantasia sul linguaggio perduto (Fantasy on a Lost Language). Find out what motivates composer Mozetich as he joins Maestro Franz in conversation. Then sit back and relax as Haydn’s Symphony No. 66 in B-flat takes you on a musical adventure to the Esterhazy Palace in 18th Century Austria-Hungary.


RELEASE DATE: October 31, 2020


Robert Franz, Conductor

Marjan Mozetich, Composer

Click here for an exclusive interview with Marjan Mozetich



Fantasia sul linguaggio perduto by Marjan Mozetich

Symphony No. 66 in B-flat by Joseph Haydn


FEATURED LOCATION: Willistead Manor, Windsor, ON